Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easiest Way To Disappear From The Search Engines

Having a shared IP between a dedicated IP, is like the difference between living in an apartment or living in a single family house. although its true you can live in both, with an apartment you have to share the building with many people, and if there is ever a problem (plumbing, electricity etc ) you might get effected, If you have your own house its a more comfortable experience, you have full control of everything that happens plus a lot more space.

Up to 15 FREE IP Addresses

As mentioned above having a shared IP is one of the reasons why many people have gotten banned from the search engines. We know how important your website is to you and getting punished for what someone else does is not what anyone wants, or having to pay up to $30 for a dedicated IP. That's why with IX web hosting when you sign up for a shared hosting account you'll get up to 15 Free dedicated IP addresses.

4 Reasons why you need a dedicated IP

They Are Ecommerce Ready - If you want to sell products online, the only way to set up your store is to have a dedicated IP.

Search Engine Visibility

Many people will argue that search engine optimization is the most effective way to get your site ranked, and when you have a dedicated IP you give yourself the best chance to get the highest rankings. (Not only do you eliminate the risk of having a site you share your IP with causing your domain to be blacklisted or removed from rankings, but also your mailings as well.)

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